Blog Post #2: Audrey Watter

In the article Ed Tech and the Commercialization of School by Audrey Watter she talked about how technology in the school system in extremely beneficial. How technology has helped schools grow, student learning evolve and the schools have helped create technology itself. She also explained that many people think technology in the learning field is new and something that isn’t developed enough, but disagreed with these people. Watter stated that technology is an old way of learning and has been beneficial in the past. Another point that she brought up was how people take advantage of the technology that can be used helping the distributor of the product and education. One company that is taking advantage of these advancements is Amazon. In the article “Amazon Unveils Online Education Service for Teachers.” this is explained. Amazon is starting with a free access to teachers, which is unlike other companies in the education field like Microsoft. As stated in the article “Amazon is very clearly positioning itself as a disrupter with this move,” Mr. Patterson said. This industry is a large market for tech companies and Amazon is taking advantage of this highly. Amazon contributors believe this change will provide value to the school systems. In turn Google has created a few new products for the education field, which shows that all the companies are planning on getting much more invested with the school system. This supports Watter’s ideas and shows that other believe technology is beneficial.


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