Social Media

The social media that I use are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and sometimes Twitter. I have accounts with all of these social media platforms but I do use them in all different ways. Facebook is my app that is use the most; I use it to get my news, watch videos, read articles, and communicate with others. Instagram is one that I use a little less and where I post a picture but it isn’t as much about the communication as showing people what you are up to. Snapchat is all about communication and recently has been a way that I have a conversation with someone instead of calling or texting them. This is fun I think because you get to see that person or their surroundings while also having a conversation with them. Pinterest is pretty much a personal social media and I only use it to get creative ideas and do not really follow anyone that I know personally. Lastly, Twitter is something that is a great tool for news, entertainment and communication. I do not use this very much just because I don’t have to many creative things to tweet so I just browse on Twitter and rarely go on it.


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