Digital Nation

One issue that Digital Nation brought up was that people who are multitasking are not very good at the specific tasks that they are doing at the same time. Also, that they are worried that this means people will be worse at analytic reasoning “We worry that it may be creating people who are unable to think well and clear.”

I think that this is something that is very true in this digital generation. For instance, students will watch TV or listen to music while they are doing homework and this means that are not focusing on one thing at a time. I think this means their work will be more poor verse if they were completely focused on their homework and without distraction.

Similarly, a big topic throughout the movie was about gaming. I think that if students are almost addicted to playing these games that they are very distracted or less likely to do the homework they have or more intellectual tasks.I also think that this causes people to be less social. I think that many gamers do try to multitask while they play whether it be with school work or socially. For example, my little brother is very addicted to playing video games and this causes him to spend a lot of time along and not be used to being around and socializing with others. Another problem with gaming that I have seen first hand with my brother is playing these games instead of doing things that you need to survive. When he was younger, he would stay up all night to play these games because he was so into them and them would be so tired throughout the day that he was almost in a haze. This has an impact on his moods and behaviors so my parents had to monitor how much he could play and he would even still sneak out of his room to go play late at night. This forced my parents to take away the games completely. There are positive sides to gaming but I do think more frequently with this digital generation there are negative effects than positive.


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