The Work: The Locations in Theory

Robert Coles explains that documentary actually means to teach with evidence and explains that in our time a photograph or film can qualify as a documentary. Documentaries today are a board category that can explain many different topics, some that Coles explains are law, History, Journalism, Anthropology and more. Coles states, “the word document became more active- a verb, whose meaning conveyed the act of furnishing such evidence; and eventually, as with the noun, the range of such activity expanded: first one documented with words on paper; later one documented with photographs and a film crew. Interestingly, the verb would get used this way, too: ‘to contrast or produce (as a movie or novel) with authentic situations or events,’ and ‘to portray realistically.” (Coles, 19) Coles also talks about how we need some sort of technology tool to document these situations.



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