DTC 101 Final Project

For my documentary project I decided to focus on the topic of video game addiction in our society today. I wanted to be able to show the games that people play and the interviews that I conducted. I also wanted to convey the feeling of playing these games so that the argument and situation could come through more clearly. In order to do this I decided that the best way to create this feeling was by doing a video documentary. I filmed the interviews myself and took footage of scenes from video games that players upload to YoutTube. I interviewed my brother who has a video game addiction, my other brother, my mom and two friends. Out of the two friends one is obsessed with playing computer games and the other has watched her stepbrother struggle with the addiction. I decided to interview my non-addicted brother and mom to show how my 13-year-old brother’s addiction is viewed and the contrast between him and my other brother whom isn’t addicted.

After getting all of footage I decided to use IMovie to compile and create my video. I picked this topic because I think that it is an issue that does not get talked about often and isn’t looked at as a real addition. This topic is also something that is close to my family because my brother has struggled with video game addiction. He is obsessed with gaming and we watched as his social and academic aspects of life were diminished. This was something that was hard to see but did open my eyes to how video gaming can be an addiction. I hope that my documentary does shed light on this problem and allow viewers to see that it is a real addiction that affects many teenagers and children today.


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