DTC 101 Final Project

For my documentary project I decided to focus on the topic of video game addiction in our society today. I wanted to be able to show the games that people play and the interviews that I conducted. I also wanted to convey the feeling of playing these games so that the argument and situation could come through more clearly. In order to do this I decided that the best way to create this feeling was by doing a video documentary. I filmed the interviews myself and took footage of scenes from video games that players upload to YoutTube. I interviewed my brother who has a video game addiction, my other brother, my mom and two friends. Out of the two friends one is obsessed with playing computer games and the other has watched her stepbrother struggle with the addiction. I decided to interview my non-addicted brother and mom to show how my 13-year-old brother’s addiction is viewed and the contrast between him and my other brother whom isn’t addicted.

After getting all of footage I decided to use IMovie to compile and create my video. I picked this topic because I think that it is an issue that does not get talked about often and isn’t looked at as a real addition. This topic is also something that is close to my family because my brother has struggled with video game addiction. He is obsessed with gaming and we watched as his social and academic aspects of life were diminished. This was something that was hard to see but did open my eyes to how video gaming can be an addiction. I hope that my documentary does shed light on this problem and allow viewers to see that it is a real addiction that affects many teenagers and children today.


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The Work: The Locations in Theory

Robert Coles explains that documentary actually means to teach with evidence and explains that in our time a photograph or film can qualify as a documentary. Documentaries today are a board category that can explain many different topics, some that Coles explains are law, History, Journalism, Anthropology and more. Coles states, “the word document became more active- a verb, whose meaning conveyed the act of furnishing such evidence; and eventually, as with the noun, the range of such activity expanded: first one documented with words on paper; later one documented with photographs and a film crew. Interestingly, the verb would get used this way, too: ‘to contrast or produce (as a movie or novel) with authentic situations or events,’ and ‘to portray realistically.” (Coles, 19) Coles also talks about how we need some sort of technology tool to document these situations.


Documentary Topic

Idea #1:

My topic for the DTC 101 documentary I was thinking about doing how individuals use technology so often that they are not experiencing the real life situation to it’s fullest. Many people film their experiences and are behind the camera and so absorbed in the capturing of the moment that they are detached from the real experience.

I was thinking about interviewing a few students whom use go pros or snapchat to capture many of their experiences in their life. I want to examine if this really does take them away from the experience.


Idea #2:

My second idea that I started looking at was cyber bullying. This is a huge topic in the internet world but one that has not really been addressed by the election. In our generation, technology is so prevelent that young people hide behind a computer screen and harsh  others using the internet.

Digital Nation

One issue that Digital Nation brought up was that people who are multitasking are not very good at the specific tasks that they are doing at the same time. Also, that they are worried that this means people will be worse at analytic reasoning “We worry that it may be creating people who are unable to think well and clear.”

I think that this is something that is very true in this digital generation. For instance, students will watch TV or listen to music while they are doing homework and this means that are not focusing on one thing at a time. I think this means their work will be more poor verse if they were completely focused on their homework and without distraction.

Similarly, a big topic throughout the movie was about gaming. I think that if students are almost addicted to playing these games that they are very distracted or less likely to do the homework they have or more intellectual tasks.I also think that this causes people to be less social. I think that many gamers do try to multitask while they play whether it be with school work or socially. For example, my little brother is very addicted to playing video games and this causes him to spend a lot of time along and not be used to being around and socializing with others. Another problem with gaming that I have seen first hand with my brother is playing these games instead of doing things that you need to survive. When he was younger, he would stay up all night to play these games because he was so into them and them would be so tired throughout the day that he was almost in a haze. This has an impact on his moods and behaviors so my parents had to monitor how much he could play and he would even still sneak out of his room to go play late at night. This forced my parents to take away the games completely. There are positive sides to gaming but I do think more frequently with this digital generation there are negative effects than positive.


The trend of #Ferguson has not died down and has began to have a new meaning on Twitter. These new tweets are mainly about the protests that are happening currently; it is also about joining the fight for what they believe in and that they believe what the movement stands for. Another thing that is trending with this hashtags is giving recognition for the movement and uncovering of what happened. I am not really someone who goes on Twitter, but now looking up this hash tag I can see the movement being very prominent on Twitter.