Social Media

The social media that I use are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and sometimes Twitter. I have accounts with all of these social media platforms but I do use them in all different ways. Facebook is my app that is use the most; I use it to get my news, watch videos, read articles, and communicate with others. Instagram is one that I use a little less and where I post a picture but it isn’t as much about the communication as showing people what you are up to. Snapchat is all about communication and recently has been a way that I have a conversation with someone instead of calling or texting them. This is fun I think because you get to see that person or their surroundings while also having a conversation with them. Pinterest is pretty much a personal social media and I only use it to get creative ideas and do not really follow anyone that I know personally. Lastly, Twitter is something that is a great tool for news, entertainment and communication. I do not use this very much just because I don’t have to many creative things to tweet so I just browse on Twitter and rarely go on it.


Social Media Source

Why Social Media Matters School Communication in the Digital Age

Kitty Porterfield; Meg Carnes; 1900

I picked this novel when looking for a social media article or book because it seemed to be something that is very similar to what we are trying to accomplish for our textbook in class. It is about social media in the education field and how it is the new way of communication. This book breaks down multiple deferent social media application such as Twitter and Facebook; it goes into detail how these can be used in school to benefit communication. The author worked with other educators to show that social media is the new movement in education and that they need to be at the start of this movement. Another topic that has a chapter dedicated to it is blogging; just as this class is a perfect example it shows how blogging can be a perfect way to get students involved and a platform for them to show their work.

AAron Swartz

I picked this article because I thought it was an amazing way to look at and remember the actions that Aaron Swartz took. It talks about the past life of Swartz and how he got to the movement that he is famous for. The writer is in favor of what Aaron did and thinks that it is crazy that the government could be so small minded. Also, that the movement is all about new ideas, new ways of communication and is the way the world should go forward. I agree with the author’s perspective on the topic and think that they did a great job of putting their ideas out.

Visual Poetry


For my visual poetry I used the Voyant Tool. I think that it was very interesting to see what words the system pull rout as important within my poem. This method helped me visualize the feel of the poem; if I was to make a visual ad I would most likely have used different colors and maybe fonts. For the word sky to be the most prominent it shows that this is an important word throughout the essay. I liked how many words the program selected because the poem in a short and simply understood poem. The only words that were repeated in some form for the visual were rose/roses. I believe that is an important word for the poem as it being in the title. I thought it was interesting that the world rain was not incorporated into the visual because it is in the title. Overall, I thought that it was very interesting to see how the Voyant Tools pulled out a visual form of the poem and how the image turned out.

Ted Talk

I picked this Ted Talk because I thought it was such a great idea and way to bring internet to an area that does not have access to it currently. This brings a project called Librii which supplies web access, reference help, on demand printing, training classes and student support to Ghana. This Ted Talk started in part by Jane McGonigal stood out to me because it is branching out the technological world to a location where it is needed and inspires students in the area. In this video, that was taken in May 2013 donations were being requested in order for Librii to become a reality.


Blog Post #2: Audrey Watter

In the article Ed Tech and the Commercialization of School by Audrey Watter she talked about how technology in the school system in extremely beneficial. How technology has helped schools grow, student learning evolve and the schools have helped create technology itself. She also explained that many people think technology in the learning field is new and something that isn’t developed enough, but disagreed with these people. Watter stated that technology is an old way of learning and has been beneficial in the past. Another point that she brought up was how people take advantage of the technology that can be used helping the distributor of the product and education. One company that is taking advantage of these advancements is Amazon. In the article “Amazon Unveils Online Education Service for Teachers.” this is explained. Amazon is starting with a free access to teachers, which is unlike other companies in the education field like Microsoft. As stated in the article “Amazon is very clearly positioning itself as a disrupter with this move,” Mr. Patterson said. This industry is a large market for tech companies and Amazon is taking advantage of this highly. Amazon contributors believe this change will provide value to the school systems. In turn Google has created a few new products for the education field, which shows that all the companies are planning on getting much more invested with the school system. This supports Watter’s ideas and shows that other believe technology is beneficial.